Camp Germany

Last day full day at the camp. We started after breakfast we had different sports activities, we played football, volleyball, table tennis and danced.
After lunch we had a camp party with many different things among all we got to try Segway, four wheels, we got face painting, doing different artwork.
We finished the evening with a farewell disco.


Camp Germany

Today we went by bus to Jena to Imaginata museum. A technology museum where we got to try out many thing. All from illusions to riding a bike in the air on a wire.
After this we went to the school in Marlishausen. Where we had lunch and many activities around the school.
Back at camp after dinner we had sports event with mixed team from each country. Today's bedtime stories came from Czech and Sweden.


Camp Germany

Today after breakfast we took the bus for a short ride to the river Saale for a paddling tour between the towns Rudolstadt and Ulstadt. We paddle for about 2,5 hours and 12km long. It was a very nice tour. After this we had lunch and different workshops about rafting and the woodcraft surrounding this. We also got to write words that are important to us to have a good life. After this we went back to the camp for a bit off rest, freetime and dinner. In the evening we had a space disco where we all went in different space inspirated outfits. We also got a package from out of space with the camp t-shirts in them. 


Camp Germany

Tuesday and our turn to lead the morning exercise.
After breakfast we all went by bus to the swimming hall for a good time in water playing and going in big bubbles having a lots of fun!
After this we took the bus to Jena to see a light show with laser and musik.
Back at camp we had dinner and freetime before the eveningactivities started, body percussion and dancing zumba. Today's bedtime story came from Italy. 


Camp Germany

We started the day at 8.15 with morning exercise this morning the German group held it. After this breakfast and getting ready for an 8km long hike in the forest for a lookout spot. This place a statue as a memory of Fröbel who was big within the preschool he brought in toys for the kids to play and argued for the playing as a way of learning.
The afternoon we had some workshops, we got new hairstyles, and made erasmusmobil among other things.
After dinner we had zumba and celebrated the 2 birthday children Erik and Zoe. We sang in each language happy birthday and ate cake. Today's bedtime
Story was from Slovakia.


Camp germany

Arriving in Berlin center at 11 o'clock. Sunshine and warm weather was greeting us. Pasta and pizza for lunch and then off to the City, but we was cut off due to a big demonstration. So the bus tour became a bout tour a nice one in the warm weather.

We are now at the camp arrived at 19.00 and got a nice meal and a nice welcome. Time for bed here now. After a long and warm but good and exciting day. 


Camp in Germany

First day traveling to Arlanda to sleep in a hotel. We have today celebrated tomorrow's birthday boy. Sitting outside the hotel in the evening sun. Tomorrow bright and early we leave for Berlin.