Christmas gifts

Today, we have sent our Christmas gifts
 to the other prescools.

Junk art

Junk art made of children on Rönneshytta prescool.
Artwork of the older children: "Grasshopper"

Artwork of the younger children: "The house"



We have planted three beautiful maples in front of the school. We had a ceremony where parents, children and school principals attended. The children sang the Commenius-song, and it was a very nice moment that even the local newspaper took advantage of.


Cleaning day

Today we have had our cleaning day at our school and the surrounding areas. Our environment group organized the day and we found alot of rubbish!!! The next week are we going to make art out of what we found. Maybe it will be rubbishskulptures..

So pleased to get our environment tidy! Thank you all! <3 !


A day in Stockholm

Today has been a day of information about the project. How to do the middle and final report. What to save and what to make shore we get. Allot of rules and regulations. A day of information and also inspiration. Sow now we are ready to do this full-scale.


Things from the Swedish autumn.

Flowers and apples from the Swedish autumn!

Today we have tasted the delicious cake Pernilla made with the lingonberry and blueberry from yesterdays harvestday.

Harvestday for preeschool and 1-2 grade

Today we have had harvestday in the forest. We found mushrooms blueberry and lingonberry.


harvestday for 3-5 grade

Now we have had our first harvestday.

We harvest lingonberry, blueberry and muschrooms in the forest.
And at the schoolyard in our garden plot we have harvest carrots, zucchinni and rhubarb.


Kindergarden "Der Grune Frosch"

We were very impressed by the teachers in the kindergarden. 
They worked with the curriculum and managed a large group of children! 

Thank you for letting us meet you!

Back in Sweden

And than we have landed in Sweden. Now we are waiting on the bus home.
We have had inspiring days in Marlishausen.
Sweden welcomed us with warm weather and a beutiful sunset over Stockholm.
But now we are longing to our beds.
We look forward to all the aktivites. 

The fourth day in Marlishousen!

Today we had our second lession. The theme this time was Sweden. So we did a flag.  Then we sang "huvud, axlar knä och tå" and we told them about Bamse. We were in a 1 class.
After the lession we got to meet the polititians from the parlament.
Next we went to a recycling station. And how it is done here in Germany. Wich is pretty mutch the same as in Sweden.
After a nice picknick outside the recycling station we went on to a cave. It was an intresting tour and a beatiful cave. That some of us apriciate more than others.
And then Steffi driver us all to the city of Erfurt. Here she gave us a wonderful guiden tour in the city. It is a beutiful city. And we had a great guide. Thank you Steffi!
Now with our bags are almost packed for tomorrow and the tripp back home. But first we will start whith a visit to one of the kindergartens!

Todays lesson and klassrum visit!

In the first class, the pupils worked very concentrated.

 After making the flag and singing the song we told  them a story about Bamse.

Bamse always helps those who need help. Very often he helps the bad wolf, who always does the wrong things,because he doesn't know better.
We love our visit here, and we send all the best wishes to all who have made it possible! 


Time to get up

Allready morning? It is early morning in day 3 and time fore the lession number 2. But first breakfast.
After a wonderful social event yesterday evening we are feeling a bit tired. AT the event there was represents from the parents, the whole school staff and the mayor. We ate some traditionell food, all the contries got to show there school and there communities and in the end we sang together.
Thank you Germany fore a wonderful evening.

Thanks for an lovley evening!

We thank you all för the lovley evening. Wondetful friends and beatiful presentations about the countries in the projekt!

The songs made us happy, we enjoied the food and had lovley conversations with staff, parents and partners!
          Steffi is a fantastic coordinator! Here talking with the Mayor!


Planning smal studies!

We have planned the small studies that 
we are going to make! 
When is who visiting who?

The local press was there!

Second day hospitation!

We are in class watching an inspiering artcraft lesson.
Now the children have learnt how to dress in rainy weather!
And what beatiful paintings!

Frankfurter Bahnhof

We are taking a quick Brezel before we take the Train to Erfurt 19.02