Today was our last camp day. The day startade as usual with morning exercise. Today it was our turn and we did "fågel dansen". After that it was time for breakfast and then we went on for to a plane museum. We saw interesting planes and got a guided tour. We could fligh in a small plane and from Sweden it was Isac and Hanna that wanted to fly this, Isac even got to stare the plane in the air.

When we came back to the camp there was some free time to play and rest before the big preformans of what we have learnt at camp. There was parents, sponsors, the Mayor of the town and many other people that came and looked.

In the evening we had a good bye dinner, it was a buffet with lots of good food from Czech.
We got some gift bags with nice presents in. This day ended with playtime with all the countries.

We have had a wonderful camp. We got to experienced and learnt a lot. Thank you all in the Czech school for making this possible!



The day started early with a trip to the technical museum in Brno. We got to see old vehicles, steam engines and water wheels. We built our own planes and got to play in a technical playroom. A lot to try out.
In the afternoon we built boats out of corks and made papersails. We set them on a lake to sail away.
We also got to swim in the lake and try to paddle a dragonboat, it is like a big canoe where you paddle in 10 pairs there is a person sitting in front keeping the pace and one in the back that is steering.



Today we went to a car museum. We saw many beautiful old cars and motorcycles and took a lot of photos. After that we took a short trip to see the city zlin from a higher view before we went to the school to spend the hole afternoon. Today we have celebrate the international children's day with our new friends from Europe with a lot of fun activities. Now we are back in the camp after a fun day, happy and tired.