Last report

On the train now to Örebro and Hallsberg.Overall the trip has been great. The downside is that it. is so difficult find someone that you can have a proper english conversation with. When we visited preschool and and the first and second grade, 6 and 7 years old, none of the teachers could explain anything when we asked something. The kids don't start with real english lessons until they are 10. But they seems to be great at maths.

At the AirPort in porto

Hopefull you got text to the picture now.40 minuters to take off


The final dinner

We would like to thank our wonderful host Ana for some great days in Porugal

Last day in Murca

We visited a preschool class. They made butterflies with colour on their hands. We gave them some Swedish gifts and a game that the children in Rönneshytta had made. After lunch we had coffee with some teachers.

Dear portugesetravelers!

Dear Portugal travelers! 
See that you have had a marvelous time! 
Here you see our snowy and emoty schoolyard right now! Have an awesome travel back!

Last days program


The five year kids are learning" huvud, axlar, knä och tå.