Camp in Slovakia

Bright and early we started the day. First by bus to Wien then plan to Arlanda then bus again back to school.
The other countries waved US good by and together with the Italian group we started the journey to the airport.
We all have had a great week at camp and are very great full to the Slovakian school in Radosina who organized this camp. We have met new friends and done many fun thing both at camp and on trips. This camp will be in our memory for a long time.

Camp in Slovakia

The last day at camp we started with morning exercise with German as the leader.
We went by foot through the forest to a small Zoo. We got to see different animals among all there where camels, tigers, lions, owls and donkeys and more animals. We answered questions about the animals in groups mixed between the countries.
Back at camp it was time to start packing after lunch. Leaving early in the morning on Saturday.
The afternoon we had the final ceremony. The head teacher from the school and the local major of the town Radosina hold a speak. We showed the dance that we have been practicing all week and we got presents to bring back home.
We ended the day with a disco.


Camp Slovakia.

Started the day with morning exercise the Italian was holding this today.
We got to see a show from the police dogs that finds missing people and drugs  and in the end we tested glasses that made us walk like we were drugged or drunk. To show that never take anything from strangers it can be dangerous!
After lunch we went to see a company that sells agriculture mashines. We got to ride a tractor also and the children got presents.
Efter this we was invented for school for sport activities. We first had lunch and the Slovakian pupils and teacher welcomed us with speech, song and dancing.
We were treated with snacks in the afternoon that the parents and teachers at school has baked for us.

Camp in Slovakia

We started the day with morning exercise. Today it was our turn to lead the exercise.
After breakfast we went to a nuclearenergi company that also have a technology place for children to explore different kinds of electrical technology.
Then we went back for Camp for Lund and activities at camp.
We made artwork where we painted different vehicles and roads they are going on. We did this in mixed group between countries.
We practice the dance in the late afternoon.
In the evening we did sport activities in mixed groups between countries.

Camp in Slovakia

We started the day with the morning exercise.
After breakfast we took the bus to a coalmine. By a small electrical train we went in to the mine to see how they worked in the mine.
Efter this back to camp for and and after lunch we had crazy games. We jumped in a sack, we where running with a Tennisball on a racket, running in pairs with feet tied together and running with a balloon between us.
After this we made pussles with different vehicles that we painted. We also practice the dance. The evening we had celebration of birthdaysgirls.
We ended the day with bedtime song from each country.


Camp in Slovakia

Today we visit an airplane workshop. Where the repaired airplanes and helicopters. Both private and also from military. We had a guide that told us about they do there.
For lunch we went to a park. We ate our lunch and got ice cream for dessert.
We went by boat by the river Váh.
On the bus back to camp the pupils made plans for football and tennis game between some off the new found friends.
Before dinner we started to practice the dances. And after dinner we made a small raft for putting a candle on. We put the raft in the small pond by the camp.  


Camp in Slovakia

The Headmaster and teachers from school in Slovakia welcomed us to camp and Slovakia. We all got to present our self. And we sang the national anthem du gamla du fria. As tradition apply here we were welcomed with bread and salt. Pupils from Slovakia served this in traditional clothing.

Camp in Slovakia

On the way to camp. Different vehicles, diffrent places to wait in between the movement. 

We are moving in Europe. 


Assisi 26-30/3 2017

Assisi, Italy, 26-30/3

Our collaborationpartners in Assisi, Italy invited us to a transnational project meeting in early springtime together with teachers from Czech Republic and Slovakia. Assisi is a little  charming town about two hours with train from the capital Rome.
We have learned to know the specialschool "Instituto comprensivo per chieci e pluriminorati". The school, who is surrounded with a lovely garden, has about 18 multi-disabled students in the age of 6-21 years.


Marlishausen, Arnstadt December 2016

Germany in December 2016 Together with teachers and school leaders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy we had the privilege to visit Europe Schule in Arnstadt, Germany, in early December, 2016. Lisbeth Gunnarsson, preeschool director, and Sophie Rönnklint, headmistress traveled together to Arnstadt and represented Rönneshytta preschool and school. We had the opportunity to meet students in age 6-10 years who were really interested and happy to speak english with us, learn the swedish words from our projectdictonary, move together in a song we sang and played bodypercussion to and also to make Christmasangels to the Christmasthree.