Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday: the first lesson for us in the school. We showed them and talked about the Lucia traditions and they learned a Swedish song.
And we went to see the kindergarder and the head of kindergarder Carola showed us around.
In the evening was the big social event and we got to taste good food and sang Christmas carrols from each country.  Germany had prepared some funny Christmas games. And we had a great evening.

Wednesday: 2 more lessons this day. Same theme.
And after the lessons we got our farewells in the gym Hall. The pupils sang and told what they have learned this week.
In the afternoon we got to go and see a mustard Mill. See how they made it before and how the do today.


Day 2 Marlishausen

Today we started the day in a big hallway where all the pupils were singing Christmas carols for us. Then we got to see the school and then it was time to watch the German teachers  in action. Very interesting and and a great way to get new ideas.


The first day

The first day has come to the end. A day of traveling and first meetings. We had time to visit the Christmas market in Erfurt to.

On the way

Sitting in an emty AirPort waiting for the plane to Frankfurt. Time to spend some time with Comenius.