A guide through Assisi by foot. Meeting the Mayor of Assisi.
Last lunch at school.
Last meeting for this time.
Saying our good byes.
In the evening we visit Spello a city that was in the last project. And was invited for dinner at Tiziana.



Tuesday we joined in the lessons. 
In the afternoon we held our presentation about our schools and city's. 



Here are some more pictures from the Serafico Institute.
The church is highly involved in the school

Serafico Institut

The Serafico institute is both a school and a rehabilitationcentre for multi handicapped. 
In the afternoon we started to plan the project


And so it begins.

Time to start up the new project.
Now in the early morning we are leaving for Assisi, Italy for the first meeting.
In this project we will work with transportation. Both historical, present and in the future. We will look at how we travel both local and in Europe.



The day started with writing on the report.
In the afternoon they had prepared a guided tour to one of the local wine companies. Then the pupils had prepared an surprise. They had a concert for us.
This day we also got to see a local olive oil company.
At the evening we had a nice dinner at a restaurant with the teachers, the Mayor, the vice Mayor, the headmistress off both preschool and school and the head of the school department.

We also planted an olive tree. 


Today we started at the preschool to look. The children welcomed us with song.
After that it was back to the writing.
In the late afternoon it was time to meet the Mayor of the town.


First day of work

Today we got to see the beautiful school and preschool in Murça.
We also started writing the final report.
We started by showing for us the highlights of the projected.
After that we got to the writing point.



A few of the girls who successfully have searched for money for this Project. Through the Project, pupills, teachers and heads of preschool and school have learnt about new countries and made many new friends! Love to all!

Today we arrived in Vila Real

Here in Vila Real they have a streetrace every year. It passes right through the town ower the bridge you can see!