The day started early with breakfast at 7 and departure at 7.45 from Camp to the airport in Kraków.
Now we are back in Sweden and on the bus from Arlanda.


This day we went to a outdoor museum and watched a farm from the early 19th century.

In the afternoon we had out presentations for the parents, pupils from the Polish school and the government, we told s little about ourselves and sang a song from Sweden, we also showed what we had learned in the workshops.   The day where finished with a disco.

We have had a great time here at the camp. Meeting a lot of new interesting persons and learned a lot!



In the morning we went to a nature museum and saw the animals that lives in Poland.
After that we went to see the partified city. In The afternoon we had some more workshops we had workshops with Germany, Portugal and Czech Republic. And the firebrigrade 

came and had a show for us.
We finish this day with a bonfire and grilled sausages.


We had Workshops in the morning with one group learning traditional  Polish dance and the other dances with the Italian group. Later on there were Swedish midsummer traditions and a visit to a bee-museum where the children made candles  of wax.

At 11 am we went with bus to the school in Grodek and joined the lessons.  Very interesting to see another school! We had lunch with the pupils before we went back to Bartnik.

In the late afternoon we took a walk to the bathhouse and had a fun hour. We were all very tired afterwards and went to bed quite early. But before that we celebrated Franz from Germany with a cake and birthdaysongs in five languages!


Today we have made a lot of new contacts at the camp in Bartnik! We visited the sensorygarded in Muszyna. We helped do gardening. And got to se beautiful scenery.

Tomorrow  we will visit the school in Grodek.

Obs! Sledging forbidden! That was a pitty! 

We also got a chance to talk to our new friends.



Today we got a tour in Jewish quarters and the ghetto. Telling us about and showing the historical places from the second world war.
And in the afternoon we got the bus to Strosza where the camp is. On the bus we met the Italians and the Portuguese pupils and teachers.