Vasa museum and Skansen

A visit at the Vasa museum. We got to see the ship in real and also learn more on about it. We saw diving equipment and tools that they use when they built it.

At Skansen we saw and learned animals from from the northern counties. We learn and saw how we live in the past and what they worked with. We also saw many different buildings among one others we saw Skogaholms herrgård. 

At the end of the day we said goodbye to our Czech friends who were going home. We have had a great time together this week. 

Visit from Czech school

Visit from pupils and staff from Czech. We have had a week where we worked and learned together. The theme of the week was outdoor and water. We built shelters in the forest, we learn why boats are floating and after that we built our own boats. We also learned about the Vasa ship and the king who ordered it. We also did English games and learned to talk more English. We have had a fun week together with our new friends. 


Together the class 4-5 and pupils and teachers from Czech class 6 we are now on the way to Stockholm. A day at Vasa museum and Skansen. The bus is full with exiting Talk amongst the pupils. And the weather is with us.